• We use 100% cotton material for all our custom-made & ready made products.
  • It's combed / bio-washed hosiery fabric (170-180 gsm) which will never be harsh on your skin & give a smooth feeling.
  • Being outsourced to top notch garment manufacturers of India, cloth is stitched in-house by certified workers in EVOGUE's workshop with great amount of care taken while pattern making.
  • We do not deal in cheap or mediocre quality garment to counter competitive pricing but are focused on creating a strong value based product with sufficient attention towards detailing.
  • PRINT : 
  • Print technology we use is multi-coat manual screen printing for one, two & three color graphics.In this print technique , durability is guaranteed with crisp print out put.
  • For multi-color prints when we are printing a realistic image, a photograph or heavy graphic we use our own automated in house digital print technology for a premium quality output.
  • We have certified workers in house who maintain consistency in print quality & each product is passed through quality check process in EVOGUE's inhouse print workshop.